the story

Set in an affluent neighbourhood of the San Fernando Valley in 1987, the film recounts the life of a seemingly unremarkable homemaker, Carol White (Julianne Moore) who develops multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS, also known as "Twentieth-Century Disease"). MCS is a medically controversial diagnosis in which a person develops mild to severe non-specific symptoms and believes that these symptoms are triggered by chemicals found in everyday household and industrial products.

The Team

Director: Todd Haynes

Writer: Todd Haynes

Starring: Julianne Moore, Peter Friedman, Xander Berkeley, Susan Norman, Kate McGregor-Stewart, James LeGros


1996 Independent Spirit Awards - Nominations

  • Best Director (Todd Haynes)
  • Best Feature
  • Best Female Lead (Julianne Moore)
  • Best Screenplay (Todd Haynes)

1995 Boston Society of Film Critics Awards

  • Best Cinematography - Alex Nepomniaschy

1995 Seattle International Film Festival

  • American Independent Award - Todd Haynes

1996 Rotterdam International Film Festival

  • FIPRESCI Prize Special Mention - Todd Haynes