The Story

Louise Harrington (Laura Linney) is a lonely divorcée working at the admissions office at Columbia University when she notices an applicant with a familiar name. She meets with the applicant, F. Scott Feinstadt (Topher Grace), and finds that he not only shares the name of her long-dead high school sweetheart, but also looks and paints much like he did. Their meeting ends with Louise taking him to bed, which only deepens her sense that she is living somewhere between the present and the past.

The Team

Director: Dylan Kidd

Writer: Helen Schulman (novel), Helen Schulman (screenplay)

Starring: Laura Linney, Topher Grace, Paul Rudd


Casting Society of America, USA

2005 Nominated

  • Best Independent Feature Film Casting (Amanda Mackey Johnson, Cathy Sandrich, Wendy Weidman)

Mar Del Plata Film Festival

2005 Won

  • Best Actress (Laura Linney)


  • Best Film (Dylan Kidd)

National Board of Review, USA

2004 Won

  • Breakthrough Perfprmance by an Actor (Topher Grace)

Satellite Awards

2005 Nominated

  • Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama (Laura Linney)